Our Team

Our Company is a well-established organization for the outfitting of Taimen, Salmon, and Sea Trout fishing tours, with our own camps in Mongolia, and with our own offices in Germany, the Czech Republic, and in the Mongolian capitol, as a result of growth and efficiency over the years.

We have been present in Mongolia more than 25 years ago, and our old work and business relations during the times of the Soviet Union gave us access to the country, and a profound knowledge about the Mongolian nation. During the political changes in Russia, eastern Europe, and in central Asia from the year 1989, we have been the first to commence serious Taimen fishing in the country of Mongolia, which quickly returned to his traditional freedom and independence.


Branch Mongolia

Our Mongolian branch with the office in Ulaan Baatar is responsible for the maintenance and supply of our camps and for our native staff at the most productive Taimen rivers across the northern provinces. The company is a fully licensed outfitter in Mongolia and the major fishing tour organizer in the country.

The office staff in the Mongolian capitol is a team of 4 well-educated young women, which have all studied in Prague, Bratislava, Moscow, and Ulaanbaatar, and their kind and professional service is always appreciated by our international fishing clients. The girls take care of all fishing license applications, special Taimen permits, and permissions to enter National Parks and Wildlife Refuges of the first order. They are responsible for our relations with the Mongolian authorities, with the Mongolian soldier garrisons at the Siberian borders, and with the Mongolian embassies for the visa applications of our clients.

The girls from our office in Ulaan Baatar will give You a warm welcome at Ghengis Khan Airport, and will transfer You to the domestic flight or will bring You to Your hotel in the city center. Culture and sightseeing with our fishing clients in the capitol is also managed by our female colleagues, as well as the dinner in a Mongolian restaurant and the visit of a traditional theatre performance in the city. Added shorter trips and photo-safaris to National Parks in the wider vicinity of Ulaan Baatar, or to Kharakorum, or to buddhistic monasteries in the mountains, are also organized and guided by our female colleagues of the Mongolian branch, if demanded so by our guests and fishing clients.


Branch Bohemia

Our Czech branch with offices in the capital Prague and in Zlin - Moravia, is responsible for our fishing clients from eastern Europe. The majority of the expert fishermen traveling with us for more than 20 years now, are from the Czech Republic and from Slovakia. Many of them are veterans from the pioneer times in Mongolia, and our old-time friends and fishing guests.

The design and the continuous maintenance of our website, as well as our internet performance, are managed from our Czech branch as well. Most of our expert guides are Czech and Slovak fishermen, typically former members of the national competition teams and world champions in fly-fishing or spin-fishing, and with a profound passion for Taimen and Salmon fishing. 

A team of 4 colleagues is responsible for the managing of our fishing tours and for the organization of complete groups of fishermen at our Czech branch, in order to take full focus on the success and the satisfaction of our valued fishing clients.


Branch Germany

The German branch is taking care of fishing clients from western Europe, from the States, and international fishermen. Situated in an idyllic spa village upon a chalk-stream brown trout river in traditional south-western Germany, our office is working on the continuous enhancement of sport Taimen fishing in Mongolia and Siberia, and on the professional service and tour organization for the fishing clients traveling with us.

We are regularly taking part at fly-fishing fairs in southern Germany, and at major fishing & hunting exhibitions across Europe. Expert articles and stories for outdoor magazines and online fishing-forums are also written from the German office, as well as the fly-tying of new Taimen and Lenok flies, and the design of practical accessories and equipment for expert fly-fishermen.

The development, building, and testing of new specialized fly-rods for fishing in Mongolia, Siberia, Alaska, and Argentina, is also part of our continuous work, in close co-operation with the well-known and most prestigious traditional rod manufacturers in England and in the States.