Unofficial World Record Taimen on Fly,  Fishing Season  Mongolia 2010   


Another new world-record class fish landed and returned by our friends and clients in Mongolia

Fly Fisherman Martin Groeger from Germany with his Giant Taimen on Fly at River Selenge, northern Mongolia, October 2010

This cracking Giant Taimen of 155 cm - 62"inches was caught on Fly during the 4 week Fishing Expedition of a small party of professional sportsmen from Germany, lead by the well-known author and photographer Olivier Portrat of Saarbruecken.  

Olivier returns to Mongolia with us every year and is considered to be one of the most experienced Taimen anglers, among many fine sportsmen from the Czech Republic, holding numerous record-class Taimen entries over a history of 20 years fishing in Mongolia.

We are proud to have assisted with the organization and outfitting of another memorable tour, using our traditional base camps at various exclusive Taimen Rivers in the Northern Province.

Even though we do not claim for ourselves, to land a new world-record Taimen every season, as obvious from our long entry list each year, but it seems that our fish are a head bigger than those, who do claim to be world-records.....


Taimen  155 cm - 62 inches          River Selenge   2010            Martin Gröger,    Germany       
Taimen  148 cm - 59 inches          River Selenge   2009            Olivier Portrat,    Germany    
Taimen  146 cm - 58 inches          River Shishkid   2008            Jakub Vagner,     Czech Rep. 
Taimen  152 cm - 61 inches          River Ur           2007            Jaroslav Oprchal, Czech Rep. 
Taimen  144 cm - 57 inches          River Shishkid   2006            Martin Mundl,    Germany


Neuer Rekord Riesen-Taimen mit der Fliege

Neuer Rekord Riesen-Taimen mit der Fliege

Neuer Rekord Riesen-Taimen mit der Fliege