Taimen Tours  -  New Season 2014 - "MONGOLIAN  SUMMER"

 Our present fall season for Taimen is not yet fully completed, and still we have already planned and prepared new fishing tours and exciting wilderness expeditions at legendary Taimen rivers for the next year´s season.

It shall be our pleasure, if there will be a special Taimen Tour for You, among these colorful and many-sided fishing explorations, which may awake the interest of even the most experienced fly-fisherman and globetrotter, the demanding sportsman and adventurer ...

- From the avid grayling angler specialist, who can follow up his passion from our comfortable log-cabin camps and fish right at the gates of the wilderness for precious Golden-tailed Grayling and the plentiful, common Baikal Grayling. From the same camp he may fish every day for large Lenok Trout in prime condition, and for the most wanted king of the salmonids, the elusive Hucho Taimen, a grand fish of the wilderness.

- Through the demanding Taimen angler, who will be chasing the largest of trophy-class specimen at remote rivers and in the tranquility of the Mongolian - Siberian Taiga, and still enjoy the comfort of our legendary and traditional wilderness camps.

- Up to the passionate adventurer and sportsman, who may be joining us at our demanding Taimen expeditions, in his search for new challenges and undiscovered fishing grounds at wild rivers, in unaccessable mountains of Mongolian National Parks in the North, and across the endless green hills of Manchuria in the East ...

The genuine and raw fishing experience in Mongolia.

J. Haman

Taimen Mongolia record


Fishing Season  MONGOLIA   Fall  2014 

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Fly-Fishing for the largest Taimen and Trout and Grayling on this planet !  World Records. - Every season brings new record-class fish for our clients and guests.  Plentiful catch of prime Lenok and good Taimen every single day. Largest specimen and record-fish are landed typically during the autumn season of Indian Summer in Mongolia. Picturesque and wild Eastern Sayan-Mountains. Trophy-Fishing & Nature-Photography in the Frontier of Northern Mongolia.

A virgin land in untouched wilderness, our own traditional log-cabin camps and fishing-lodges at long-term leased Taimen-Rivers (leasing for a period of 50 years from the government) and protected pristine streams in National Parks.  Local nomadic herders belong to our staff at the camps, as well as mounted Game-wardens and Rangers of the Frontier guards, who are using our main camps as their outposts.

Professionally guided tours in National Parks of the Siberian / Mongolian Borders.  Our own exclusive river stretches of several 100 miles at the legendary Shishkid, Tengis, Shargyn, Uur, Delger Moron, Chalchyn, Onon and Selenge Rivers. Strictly limited Fishing-Licenses and guarded Taimen Tags for our clients only. Active protection and conservation of the prime strongholds of Taimen habitat in the country. Taimen Catch & Release only. Solid barbless single-hooks are mandatory.


Few last Tours for the AUTUMN Fishing Season 2014 still available !

Traditionally built comfortable lodges and cabins with bath-room and warm showers, a stylish dining room with bar and 2-bed log-cabin accommodation with cozy wood-ovens and full-time service by our native staff.  Several comfortably equipped yurta-ger camps with beds, ovens and showers, at remote rivers with a shorter fishing season. 2 weeks of full board pension with fresh organic European cuisine and local traditional dishes. Camps are fully equipped with our 4-wheel-drives, horses, boats and camping gear for longer fishing explorations. Maintained trails along the rivers and log-cabins for camping at wild waters.

- Breathtaking scenery and highland grandeur throughout the entire tour. Plenty of local culture, native traditions and free nomadic tribesmen and herders living nearby our wilderness camps.


Taimen Wilderness Expeditions Fall Season 2014

Mongolian National Park Headwaters

This year´s new offer,  - a demanding fishing expedition 15 days with horses, tents and rafts along the Siberian borderline in untouched backcountry at the upper Delger Moron River.  This wild river is meandering through deep canyons within a vast National Park. Special permissions from the governments and authorities of both countries, - Russia and Mongolia, will be arranged by us for every single fisherman individually. Only 4 to 6 experienced, physically healthy and enduring sportsmen can take part at this wilderness fishing expedition and river float tour. The second week of this tour will be operated from a well-equipped base camp of native yurta-gers, situated at a strategic and most productive fishing spot at the upper Delger Moron. Pure wilderness Tour across a breathtaking landscape, extraordinary high Taimen results during our first expedition in the spring of 2012 and the following expedition in 2013.  Just as productive for large Lenok Trout and Baikal Grayling in the crystal clear river. Conditions are perfect for fly-fishing. The upper Delger Moron is a river, which must have evolved with his dramatic canyons, bizarre rocks and magical deep pools in the dreams and visions of a fly-fisherman ...   


The Green Hills of Mandchuria

A slightly shorter, more comfortable 14 day expedition is another new offer for the 2014 season,  - at the untamed Chalchyn River among the green hills and grasslands in the vast East of the country, close to Chingis Khaan´s birthplace. Well-equipped ger camp and rafts for shorter river explorations for spotted Amur Pike and steel-blue Eastern Taimen, at the contributory stream to the mighty Siberian Amur River. Very productive in the last years fishing season, great fish habitat, plenty of wildlife to watch and herds of east-asian antelopes, deer and maral elk are roaming in this wide open steppe and rolling green hill country, which vividly recall the good old times of big game hunting in East Africa ...

Mongolia Fly Fishing expedition

The Expert in Mongolia, specialized in sport fishing only, with more than 20 years of experience in the country and own office in Ulaan Baatar.  We are a well-established German, Czech and Mongolian based Fishing Outfitters Company, with a serious passion and target for large trophy-class Taimen for our sportsmen clients. - The genuine and raw fishing experience.


Best Tours  FALL Season MONGOLIA  2014  (2 weeks  of fishing for Taimen) :

1)  22. 08.   -   05. 09.  2014      CHANAGAI  II  - Wilderness main camp, large Taimen

2)  01. 09.   -   14. 09.  2014      DELGER MORON  I  - Wilderness Taimen Expedition

3)  13. 09.   -   27. 09.  2014      TENGIS  IV  -  River Shishkid, Tengis, Shargin,  main camp

4)  28. 09.   -   11. 10.  2014      CHALCHYN  II  - Wild River Chalchyn -Amur, ger-camp

5)  28. 09.   -   11. 10.  2014      SELENGE - RASHANT II   -  3 Rivers, fishing lodge Selenge

6)  06. 10.   -   14. 10.  2014      SELENGE - BULGAN  II   -  River Selenge + Uur,  Ger-Camp

Mongolia Fly Fishing expedition

Limited small parties of sportsmen, 4 - 6 rods only  per camp. Main camps Tengis and Chanagai at the wild river Shishkid in the north. Fishing lodge at the legendary rivers Selenge, Ider-Chuluut and Delger Moron. Ger camps at the wild rivers Uur, Onon and Chalchyn in the east of the country. All of these big rivers are traditionally holding most of the great record-class Hucho Taimen.

However, a minimum of  3 - 4 rods  are necessary at cost, possibly in combination with another party of fishermen. Preferably traditional fly-fishermen, but also spinning game-anglers by the disciplined use of single-hooks are welcome.

Barbless and solid single-hooks are mandatory, as all of our Giant Taimen are treated with respect and are carefully released and returned into the river. Strong tippet-material and fully-caged reels with reliable drags are required. 200 yards of 40 lbs backing are necessary for Taimen in swift current.

Strong rods and proven fishing tackle. No lesser fly-rods than class # 9/10 -weight for this kind of fishing with big and heavy flies, - better class # 12 for Taimen !  Double-handed rods for big rivers are the best option, preferably with a deep and powerful action in combination with shorter bellies and sink-tip lines, or floating and intermediate Skagit lines.

For fishing massive Lenok-Trout and strong Grayling in fast flowing rivers, a smooth and long # 6/7 -weight single handed rod in 10 ft. length is a very good tool, whilst a modern switch rod 11 to 12 ft. long in class # 7, is probably the best all-round fly rod for fishing the lesser game fish of northern Mongolia.

Robust multi-layered clothing for cold climate in natural lighter colors. No fashionable jackets in black or red. A light, but best rain-jacket with membrane and thorn-proof, tough outer material. Breathable waders must be tough and well made, solid boots with ankle support and steel studs. Airy fishing shirts for freedom of movement and with large chest-pockets. Tough outdoor pants or shorts for the spring season. Walked-in leather boots for trekking along the river. A wide-rim and impregnated hat offers far more sun-screen and rain protection to the sportsman, than any modern baseball-cap. Warm wool beanie and neck panuelo-scarf for the fall season. An inflatable life-vest and a solid wading staff with rubber-cap are simply common sense and must be carried at all times, while fishing with us at wild Mongolian rivers.

Fishing & Tour Equipment  in compact backpacks and rod-scabbards and waterproof bags for horseback, rafts and off-road vehicles. No hard suitcases.

The effective fly patterns for Taimen and Lenok will be introduced by the fishing guide at booking of a tour and will be tied at the fishing camp.

More than half of our clients each year are old fishing-friends, who are returning clients to our waters since 10 years now, some are even Mongolia-veterans from the pioneer times some 20 years ago. - Therefore many of the best tours and dates are booked until December for the next year season.

Mongolia Fly Fishing expedition

TOUR - OFFERS  Mongolia, FALL season 2014

1)   Best Tours  FALL SEASON,  - Wilderness log-cabin Camp CHANAGAI  II,  for large  Taimen, Lenok
       and Yellowfin Grayling at wild pools,                                            per Angler/Rod   EUR   3.890,-  

2)   Tour  DELGER MORON, - Wilderness Taimen-Expedition with horses and river float tour Nat. Park
       along the Siberian/Mongolian borders,                                         per Angler/Rod   EUR   4.980,-

3)   Tour  TENGIS  IV,   -  3 Rivers, Shishkid, Tengis, Shargyn, log-cabin main camp,  ideal conditions for
       various fly-fishing techniques,                                                    per Angler/Rod    EUR   3.790,-

4)   Tour  CHALCHYN  II,   - Ger-Camp, river Chalchyn Gol for Amur-Pike, Lenok, eastern Taimen, the
       green hills and steppe of Mandschuria,                                                  per Rod   EUR   3.790,-

5)   Tour  SELENGE - RASHANT II,  - Log-cabin lodge, for record-class Giant Taimen, Pike, Lenok, Bass,
       Grayling,   + 3 rivers for Taimen,                                                          per Rod   EUR   3.680,-

6)   Tour  SELENGE - BULGAN  II,  - Ger-Camp at river Selenge + Uur and Egg,  for record-class Taimen,
       Lenok, Pike, Bass, Catfish, Sturgeon,                                                    per Rod   EUR   3.590,-

Including domestic flight and transfer to the North, local domestic hotel accommodations and transportation to camp, Mongolian fishing license and special Taimen permit, with full board pension 2 weeks and with German guide  Jan Haman  - fluent in English, Spanish, Czech and Russian language, at Your service during Your whole trip as the local fly-fishing expert, interpreter, professional hunter, archer and nature guide.

Our tour-prices had to be adjusted for the new season, due to the dramatic changes in US Dollar exchange rates in 2012 and following price increase and costs in the country of Mongolia.

Mongolia Fly Fishing expedition

Additional is the international airfare  to Ulaan Baatar and Visa,  700 - 900,-  EUR (depending on departure airport from New York, Seattle, London, Frankfurt, Munich or Berlin according to present offer). Best possible flight connection can be arranged by us, as well as Your Mongolian visa, 100,- EUR.

Additional is the internat. hotel  in the capital Ulaan Baatar. Hotel accommodation of the fisherman´s own choice and class at own bill. Reservation can be arranged by us from our office in Ulaan Baatar city. Single room prices ranging from  75,- to  240,- USD per night.

Transfer by helicopter from Ulaan Baatar to fishing camp is optional at extra cost. Present charter at booking.

Alkoholic beverages at camp are optional at extra cost, by advance-order at booking. Original Czech beer and premium French wine can be arranged by us.

Deposit payment at booking 50 % no later than 31. 11.  2013  (for reservation of best flight-connections and limited Taimen permits) or until all dates and camps are reserved. Final payment 60 days before departure.

Cancelling fee of 25 %, but will be replaced (by a 10 % benefit) with booking for next season. Cancelled bookings of flights are usually not replaced anymore by most airline companies. A travel cancel-insurance must be recommended.  Weight limit of travel baggage is a max. of 40 lbs by airlines today. The compact equipment in backpacks and rod-tubes/bags should not exceed 40" in length for ease of handling.


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Mongolia Fly Fishing expedition